The Guild Council forms part of the administrative board as the student’s body meant to represent students during board meetings. The role of the guild council is to ensure that students receive their administrative needs clearly and also budget for the guild fee which is paid by every student. They are responsible for submitting student’s claims to the administration.

The Guild Council is headed by the guild president followed by a Vice guild president, Lady Gender, Speaker and the Ministers of different departments.


Uganda Technical College Kyema Past Guild Leadership

NoGuild LeaderGuild Year
1.Honorable OKETTAYOT Ivan Michael (Interim)2021 – 2022
2.Honorable OKETTAYOT Ivan Michael2020 – 2021
3.Honorable AKORAGYE Jeremiah2019 – 2020
4.Honorable KAMBA Allan2018 – 2019
5.Honorable MWESIGYE Adolf2017 – 2018
6.Honorable DABANJI Dan2016 – 2017
7.Honorable YIKI Emmanuel2015 – 2016