The Uganda Technical College, Kyema Medical Center is located within the college between the boys and girls accommodation facilities. It is mandated to provide health services to students and staff of the college. Nursing care is provided by a competent college nurse employed by the Ministry of Education and Sports who continues to undergo regular and professional skills development on customer care, continuous quality improvement and emergency scene management trainings among others.

Services offered by the Medical Center

1. Treatment of the sick both students and staff

2. Voluntary HIV counseling and guidance

3. Over the counter prescriptions

Accessing Treatment at the Medical Center

All registered students both on government and private scheme are entitled to the Medical Center services together with all legitimate employees of the college.

  • All students undergo medical examination on reporting to the College.
  • A medical records file is opened for each student on completion of the exercise.
  • It will be the responsibility of the student to adhere to the eligibility procedure in order to protect his/her rights and privilege of accessing the medical services
  • Students are encouraged to bring to the attention of the College Nurse any matters of health concerns that may arise during their stay at the College.

Working Hours at the Medical Center

Monday Friday from 8.00am to 5.00pm (Business Hours), and on call during Evening Hours and Weekends. In case of emergency cases, the college administration shall be contacted to arrange for transportation of such cases to Masindi Main Hospital for further management.

Treatment outside the College

Students may be referred to receive treatment outside the college under the following conditions:

  • Cases where there is need for specialized treatment and procedures
  • Prescriptions written for drugs not regularly stocked at the Medical Center
  • Any other cases as deemed necessary by the College Nurse.