The Public Relations Office, headed by the College Liaison Officer is responsible for marketing the college by providing information about college activities to the public domain by using all available forms of media. The office is also mandated to provide high quality, accurate and timely information to management, departments and the different stakeholders of the college.

The Office handles Communication and Marketing activities, which include:

1. Promoting and Protecting the College’s Image

2. Preparing and Implementing Public Relations Plans

3. Receiving Official visitors

4. Writing Newsletters, Bulletins and Press Releases

5. Preparing and Organizing College Functions and Events

6. Attending to Public Complaints

7. Maintaining Positive Media Relations

8. Advertising the College Programs

9. Marketing, Branding and Disseminating College Information

10. Online Communication Services

Contact Information

The College Liaison Officer

Uganda Technical College Kyema

P.O Box 473, Masindi, UGANDA (East Africa)

Tel: (+256) 772 955 062